no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity

sarantium: 23, reluctant astrophysicist, queer, white, disabled. fond of kittens and karen gillan.

best idea for roller derby name so far: Eleanor of Aqui-pain

probably there is something wrong with me.

wait, I should totally join a roller derby team.  This is like a method to meet other queer women, y?

I read a book today!  Or, rather, I read part of a book.  And then wrote 1500 words about how it’s a terrible book that no one should ever read and is WRONG about everything ever.

I include my review here for posterity, because OH MY GOD SO MUCH WRONG SUCH BAD HISTORY AND EVEN WORSE SCIENCE.  The book in question is An Incomplete Education: 3684 Things You Should Have Learned But Probably Didn’t.  DON’T MAKE MY MISTAKES; DON’T READ IT.

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bitesizedhistories has actual content, and queued content for most of next week.  Go there for all your “this is a real thing that happened” stories!

(I’m actually rather excited about this project.  erictholemew is probably excited about it as well, because then I’ll stop texting him each tidbit.)

So I have a new Tumblr for “great stories from history”: bitesizedhistories.  Go follow me there if you also like hilarious outtakes from history.

I’ve listed a few of my favorites to start with — that time Hemingway reassured Fitzgerald he didn’t have a small penis, that time Soviet soldiers decided to drink rocket fuel, the first meeting of MLK Jr. and Richard Nixon in Ghana.

exciting thing I get to find out: if that psychiatric hospitalization will show up in a background check.